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Lilya (Oksana Akinshina) happy 4-Ever was inspired by the Lukas Moodysson film Lilya 4-Ever starring Oksana Akinshina as Lilya. 4-Ever was an attempt to help with some issues raised in the film. Response to online petitions was not great, however, and insufficient to send any to Downing Street, but useful links and information are still available on this site. If you genuinely want to help others and at the same time help yourself, I cannot recommend any charity more highly than TPRF — well worth investigating.

Human Trafficking

Trust soon evaporates when lies and trickery become apparent People with power feed us fiction. We are led to believe that we can trust our governments to do the right thing most of the time and stand up for human decency, just like Andrei tricks Lilya into trusting that he and the fake passport will be her salvation.

Contrary to popular belief, slavery is not dead. It is the third largest global crime, close behind drugs and arms trafficking. Inadequate laws and political apathy means human trafficking (slavery) will grow and grow...

Sexual Slavery

Sexual slaves are forced to 'work' under threat of death Sorry if your hopes were up, but this is not about pretend bedroom games. Many women and children are forced into sex by traffickers, pimps or relatives and they are trapped with no way out of it. Real sexual slavery is definitely no fun.


Prostitution is based on male domination People with power still feed us fiction about 'natural' male supremacy and female entrapment but very little prostitution is voluntary and that is not the problem. The forced prostitution that goes hand in hand with trafficking is extremely serious, yet not a lot is being done about it. I wonder why...


Greed is not good The powerful lie to us. Greed is not good. The pursuit of wealth and material abundance is not an admirable nor a desirable trait.

There is plenty of money and food to go round and many campaigns encourage governments and the rich to act and make poverty history. But millions of people still live in extreme poverty...


Love and respect brings joyful obedience. Fear and violence hurt everyone. Many, many men still believe they have a right to beat obedience into partners and children rather than earn obedience through respect.

The phrase "to get your kicks" reveals just how widely accepted violence is. Campaigning has successfully raised awareness but domestic violence is still the major cause of death for women.

Drug Use

Legal drugs are revenue for governments Those in power relentlessly spread their untruths because money is their God.

Legal drugs take far more lives than illegal drugs. If governments cared about people they would review their attitude to drug use and promote a balanced, unprejudiced view of everything we put into our bodies. But is there any money in it for them if they do?


When a child of 11 commits suicide... Life is a wonderful, incredible free gift. We should be accepting every moment of it joyfully. But we don't. Instead many of us think of suicide at some point in our lives. We hunger for love and meaning but the world can be very harsh and confusing and some people, like 11-year-old Volodya, just have no idea where to look.

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Lilya 4-Ever

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