Sexual Slavery

Posted: 2005

Sexual slaves are forced to 'work' under threat of death Sorry if your hopes were up, but this is not about pretend bedroom games. Many women and children are forced into sex by traffickers, pimps or relatives and they are trapped with no way out of it. Real sexual slavery is definitely no fun.

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(Summary put simply) - Slaves are forced to work for their "master" or "owner" and cannot get free. Sexual slaves are forced to work as prostitutes. The masters or pimps use violence, threats, blackmail and other methods to reduce the woman's self worth and self esteem until eventually she will not try to escape because of fear or mental trauma. Sexual slavery is a way for a man to make a lot of money and to feel powerful. Society rewards people with power and wealth so unfortunately sexual slavery may continue until society values caring and sharing above all else. Women are trying to alter men's attitudes towards violence and abuse of power and this is gradually having an effect. There are now shelters for abused women and heavier fines for pimps but there is a very long way to go yet.

Sexual Slavery Introduction

What is sexual slavery?

When a woman is being sexually exploited and violated and cannot get out of it, she is a sexual slave. Her situation may range from abuse in the home by a partner or relative to forced prostitution or pornography by a pimp, trafficker or other "owner". In all cases, she is trapped with no way out.

Why is there sexual slavery?

We live in a consumer society. A highly-accepted measure of success is ownership of as much as possible. Marriage is a legal way for a man to own a woman and children. Women may resist the male-dominated society but in 2005 it is still the status quo. Retaining ownership often requires exertion of power. Sexual slavery is an extension of the ownership principle. More power and force are needed to retain ownership but rewards are increased money, sex and power. Society devalues women and girls and encourages us to always want more of anything so it is predictable that some people will go along this route.

Is sexual slavery a big problem?

Most human trafficking of women involves sexual slavery so the numbers are in the millions and rising. The problem has been reported in more than 190 countries. Traffic is common from South East Asia, China, Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe into North America, Western Europe, Japan, Australia and the Middle East.

What is the process of enslavement?

Women are forced or tricked to leave their friends and community, their documents taken off them and then the sexual slavery is imposed through a "seasoning" process that breaks down the will and ego of its victims. Systematic subjugation to debasing practices and derogatory comments steadily erodes women's or girls' sense of self-worth. Beatings and rape from spouses, pimps, or traffickers secure the enslaving conditions until, eventually, the pimp can leave the victim alone at home or out on the street to prostitute without fear she will flee.

What is being done about sexual slavery?

In some countries, shelter programs provide refuge for victims of wife abuse and new laws now frequently result in the removal of sexually abusive fathers from homes, rather than removing the child or children. Local laws that ban pimping, the United Nations Convention Against the Exploitation of the Prostitution of Others, and, in the United States, the more narrowly construed Mann Act are also in place.

The Lasting Solution

Sexual gratification, the experience of power and control or the wealth gained will never bring the lasting satisfaction or joy that the direct experience of the true self brings. If you're not sure of who you really are, give Prem Rawat and his gift of Knowledge a try.

Political changes will never fully work unless we all change as well, but some actions are being taken in the hope that they will save some suffering.

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Actions Being Taken against Sexual Slavery

Sexual slavery is closely tied up with human trafficking so please check out the 4-Ever trafficking page for action to take

(Much of the above comes from a Kathleen Barry article)

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